Main board blueboard

Encoder readhead 10μ

Registration cable

Photocell tempo/expedio

Welcome !

Spare Parts

We are offering spares parts for superwide format printer, mainly Hp and Vutek printers, but also some for other brand like Scitex, DGI, Jeti printers...

All the parts are 100% originals and exactly the same than the ones inside your printers. No clone parts or substitutes.

The main advantages are 15 to 25% saving cost compare to OEM price, no obligation of any ink or service contract, you help yourself like in a supermarket !

The number of parts available directly in stock is growing week after week to help you very efficiently. With the knowledge of the printers and parts, the very fast answer

to any request, you won't loose time anymore waiting the feedback of an hotline or suffering crazy delay for an urgent need.

Customized Programming

I'm still offering programs and applications for various tasks, enable you to save time and money in your day to day activity.

You can select the program section to receive more informations about the possibilities and the different applications.

Advising services

For those who knows me as an independent consultant, I'm still running that activity as well. You can still receive help and advices as independent person or small company

from logistic, finance and organisation point of view.

Don't hesitate to call me for any additional information you need. I'm always available on my mobile.

Thank you.